Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes is a family owned custom cake bakery established in 2001 in Miami where you will find the most delicious and creative custom cakes in South Florida for any special occasion including wedding cakes, birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, religious event cakes, holiday cakes, cupcakes, cake bites, DD Cakes Push Pops, and all other occasion cakes. DD Cakes is Miami's Premiere Celebrity Baker, creating breathtaking custom cakes for many celebrities including Lebron James & Savannah Brinson, Dwyane Wade & Gabriel Union, Chris Bosh & Adrienne Bosh, Ray Allen & Shannon Walker, the Miami Heat Championship Cakes two years in a row, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Sarah Jessica Parker, Flo Rida, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Willie Chirino, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, and much more.

Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes has a Reality TV Show "Divas Del Azucar" that is currently airing every Tuesday on TR3S at 9 P.M. Eastern Time. We are very excited to show our followers how we create our beautiful custom cakes. Every cake is created differently to portray the vision of our client's ideas,  but all of our DD Cakes are made with love! We always strive to go above and beyond our clients' expectations.

Iliana Lombardero is the owner of Divine Delicacies who is an amazing cake designer. Laura Candeau is the Director of Sales & Marketing of Divine Delicacies who manages the Business & Social Media Marketing in the bakery and is a great cake designer. Leysi is the Director of Finance of Divine Delicacies.



Ever since 1985, the founders of Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes, Jorge Rodriguez and Iliana Lombardero, started in their kitchen in Havana, Cuba baking their delicious custom cakes for friends and family. Jorge and Iliana’s famous cakes became very popular throughout Cuba. In 1996, they moved to Miami, Florida and commenced to bake for their family and friends. That is when they created their unique signature cake flavor, which is vanilla rum cake that is delicious and moist.

 Iliana is an amazing baker and buttercream artist, and Jorge was the “master of fondant cakes.” He created designs for other recognized cake companies in Miami. Jorge and Iliana continued creating their amazing cakes from home. They made a great team, because their combination made not only delicious cakes, but masterpieces. In a short period of time, the cake requests incremented. Jorge and Iliana decided to start their own business and let their creativity and art be portrayed through their divine custom cakes.

Divine Delights was founded by Jorge and Iliana on May 15, 2001. In 2004, the business name was changed to Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes. Their daughters, Leysi and Laura, inherited their parents’ talent and passion for the family business. Laura is the Director of Sales & Marketing and is a great cake designer as well. Leysi is the Director of Finance of Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes. Unfortunately, in 2004, Divine Delicacies went through a tremendous loss. Jorge was not only a talented artist, but a miraculous human being. Even though he is not with us, his legacy and passion still continues through Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes.


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